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"One of the best moves we made as a company over the last little while was becoming a member of the IPAO. The networking opportunities are extremely valuable as are the vast resource of experience that sits around the meeting table. For an independent publisher, this is a wise investment and should be done sooner than later. I, for one, wish we would've joined years ago."


Darryl Simmons, CEO, Publisher

Media Matters Inc.





"Being a member of the IPAO gives us the ability to learn from the best practices and trial and error of many publishers, while retaining the fun and freedom of being an independent publisher."


Larry Bonikowsky, President

Zedcom Media Inc.





"At every meeting of the IPAO I have come away with a new or different idea or a strategy that I can apply to my own business."


Michael SwanPresident

Swan Erickson Publishing Inc.

"We have been members of the IPAO for about 20 years and still find incredible value and camaraderie in attending the meetings and being members. Shortly after attending my first meeting it struck me that had we known about the IPAO and joined when we first launched ESE, we likely would have saved over $100 000. No doubt experienced members would have directed us to get quotes from the right printers, mailing houses, etc from the onset. Not going with the right providers was a costly lesson indeed. Now it is gratifying that my son who now works with me is also attending the meetings and benefiting greatly from them."


Steve DaveyEditor and Publisher

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine





"As an independent publisher, the IPAO has been a fantastic place for me to share ideas about what has worked for us, get feedback on planned endeavours and discuss the state of the industry with others "in the trenches". It’s a unique organization in that I can participate openly without any worry about giving too much away to my competitors."


Marissa SchroderPrincipal

Get Out There Communications Inc.

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