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Distribution: Approximately 38,000+ with PurchasingB2B as a centrebound supplement, and distributed to select senior business managers with: Contractor, Plant, HPAC and On-Sitemagazines.

Editorial Mandate: CAR serves an executive audience with information about vehicles, products and services for business. Whether its work vans, pick-up trucks or cars for making sales calls, CAR features reviews, trends, accessories, technology, safety advice, and information on lifecycle management.

Our editorial team drives all the new cars and trucks on the market as they become available and pass along their expert opinions in each issue of CAR and on the website.

Distribution: 38,000+

Frequency: Biannually (April and October)



iQ Business Media

101 Duncan Mill Rd., Suite 302, Toronto, ON M3B 1Z3

Tel: 416-441-2085


Editorial Contact

Michael Power, Editor

416-441-2085 ext. 110


Sales Contact

Dorothy Jakovina

416-441-2085 ext. 111


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