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Over the past number of years scientists have stated clearly that there is a direct correlation between being in “a flow state” and happiness. We want to shine a light on flow and provide readers with opportunities that will spark you into action. Think of Untapped Magazine as a GPS to help you find your flow. Untapped is a FREE publication.Untapped challenges you to fully embrace our message. Keep an open mind and search for things that could potentially give you fulfilment. Music, art, concerts, events – the list is endless. Once you find something that deeply resonates with you, recognize this is the spark that ignites your passion. Once you have discovered this spark, it will grow and light up your entire being. Skateboarders and surfers call this “stoke.” Stoke is something you can’t keep to yourself. When you find your passion, it becomes your chance to share the stoke with others. This is precisely why we created Untapped. Untapped will resonate with those who are ready to tap into their heart and mind to bring flow to their soul. It will be at a number of events including Rastafest, Midsummer's Dream Festival (Hamilton) and select retailers in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Franchises are available in specific regions.


Concrete Wave Magazine/Untapped

1136 Center Street, Suite 293, Thornhill, ON  L4J 3M8


Editorial and Sales Contact

Michael Brooke

Tel: 905-738-0804



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