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This publication was launched in 1921 as a supplement to the Canadian Textile Journal. It became independent in 1928 as Canadian Cleaner & Launderer, changing to Fabricare Canada in 1995. Content covers all aspects of the laundry and dry cleaning industry, both retail and wholesale. It includes articles on environmental and technical issues as well as plant and personality profiles and all news of industry events. It is the only publication in its field in Canada and is highly regarded throughout the industry in North America, with approximately 1,000 copies mailed to the U.S. Circulation is controlled and the publication

is free to industry members.


Circulation: 5,250

Frequency: 6 issues per year



Todd’s Your Answer Ltd.

P.O.Box 69571 Central Oakville P.O., Oakville, ON L6J 7R4


Editorial Contact

Becca Anderson

Tel: 905-291-8460

Fax: 905-337-0525


Production Contact

Bill Goodbrand

Tel: 905-849-1853

Fax: 605-849-5784


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